A preventative medical health plan often includes annual check-ups at the doctor’s office. The same thought process can be applied to your Building Automation System health. How is your software performing? Is it running optimally and efficiently? Does your PC/server, which runs 24/7, need an update to perform reliably and securely? How protected are you against cyberattacks? Evaluating your software and supporting IT infrastructure annually is a good BAS practice for system preventative maintenance.

Why a WebCTRL upgrade & overall system technology health check is important:

  1. Protect your facility, data, and users by keeping WebCTRL up to date with the latest software revisions to stay well ahead of current security vulnerabilities. New WebCTRL versions are created to match the latest Windows OS versions and protections, providing the latest state-of-the-art cybersecurity protection against unauthorized access to your building automation system.
  2. Revision updates improve performance, helping WebCTRL run faster and more efficiently.
  3. A scheduled health check ensures you are upgrading the most current WebCTRL database and updates any outdated PC/Server hardware, all in a controlled manner with no downtime. The loss of the PC/server hardware that WebCTRL resides on will result in costly emergency repairs and potentially significant downtime, including the inability to monitor graphics, alarms, and trends for your building, until a new server is purchased, configured, and installed. Also, check to see when a backup of the WebCTRL database was recently captured. This preventative maintenance item can be a lifeline, preserving system changes, should a PC/server failure occur.
  4. Receive the latest software to take advantage of enhanced technological feature sets. WebCTRL v9.0 is designed to improve upon the operator interface, improve cybersecurity, and continue to build on Automated Logic’s truly open enterprise platform. This includes:

WebCTRL v9.0 Features

  • Security Review report indicates how close a system’s deployment is to recommended Security Best Practices. This report can be scheduled to run automatically and emailed to designated contacts within the organization.
  • Alarms summary tab allows users to sort alarms by location through the Geotree or by alarm names.
    • Better understand where alarms are occurring & identify sources of “noise”
    • Sorting alarm data allows facility staff to diagnose & triage alarms more effectively
  • Operator privileges have been improved to allow more granular control over the needs of various privilege sets.
  • Restful API enables integration with 3rd party applications – asset management, Abound Analytics, security, and more – as part of Automated Logic’s quest to be the most open enterprise integration platform on the market today
  • Simultaneous downloads on multiple IP sub-networks enables faster downloads with IP-based zone controllers and systems utilizing BACnet/SC.
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) enables Enterprise Authentication using OIDC or SAML2.0 in addition to current LDAP integration.

WebCTRL Annual Checklist

What questions should be asked to evaluate the status of your WebCTRL system? This printable checklist prioritizes the items which should be checked each year:

WebCTRL v9.0 is scheduled for release this summer. Investing in WebCTRL revision updates and scheduling a system health check is a wise choice to improve performance and add new features and functionality while protecting your data and users.

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