Having trouble shopping for your Automated Logic Fanatic this holiday season? This month, we share our Top 5 Holiday Gifts for the ALC Fan:

1. WebCTRL System v8

WebCTRL System v8 includes a number of security enhancements and labor saving and convenience features.

Automated Logic continues to heighten its status as the most user-friendly and efficient GUI on the market with two new major improvements.  First, Source Tree Functionality/associations can now be performed directly within WebCTRL, reducing steps and speeding the process of associating building HVAC equipment.  WebCTRL’s Custom Report feature now includes searching and referencing semantic tags, greater ability to sort reports, a more sophisticated expression parser, and improved navigation between reports and graphics pages.

  • ACxelerate VAV Auto-Commissioning Included
  • BACnet SC Ready
  • IPv6 Ready
  • Security Enhancements through JAVA 11/Tomcat9
  • Haystack compatible Semantic Tagging
  • Custom reports feature enhancements
  • SVG Graphics – Auto-scale based on monitor resolution, 3-D Toggle, Zoom

ACxelerate Auto Commissioning Tool: VAV Summary

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Benefits of WebCTRL System v8 for the Building Owner

  • Automated Cx saves time in system implementation, provides owner with ongoing tool for system performance verification.

  • Security enhancements (BACnet/SC) create a more secure BAS environment – both within the building and over the internet.

  • Semantic tagging facilitates integration to existing and future analytics platforms.

  • Access control integration uses the power of actual building access information to control building schedules and allows the BAS to respond to security events automatically. It optimizes energy use and provides a safer building environment.

2.  OptiFlex Virtual Integrator

Winner of the 2019 AHR Expo Innovation Award for Building Automation, the OptiFlex Virtual Integrator allows your ALC Fanatic to scale up building enterprise integration easily, efficiently, and cost-effectively, without having to install massive control panels with multiple router/gateways.  With support for up to 50,000 BACnet or Modbus IP-based data points, the new OptiFlex™ Virtual Integrator connects and monitors large volumes of data across various systems, sub-systems, and devices in a building – regardless of manufacturer. It then seamlessly integrates that data into the WebCTRL® building automation system.

If your Automated Logic Fanatic has long requested a product that has the ability to read and process vast amounts of building data without taking up the wall space of physical hardware gateways, you will want to gift them the OptiFlex Virtual Integrator.

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3. OptiFlex OFBBC and FIO I/O Expanders

Automated Logic, ALC, BAS, Building Automation, Radius Systems

Your Automated Logic Fanatic will want the newest BACnet building controller/expander combination, the OptiFlex OFBBC and FIO I/O Expanders.  With the ability to support up to 9 FIO I/O expanders, the OFBBC is ideal for controlling central plants, air handlers, rooftop units, or anywhere there is a large aggregation of I/O. OptiFlex I/O expanders are designed for flexible panel configurations, including the capability to be remotely mounted.  Additionally, the OFBBC can simultaneously integrate 3rd party BACnet systems.

4. WebCTRL IntelliSuite and Analytics Solutions

Any ALC Fanatic will welcome the capability to proactively monitor the health of their WebCTRL system in real time. A gift of the WebCTRL IntelliSuite and Analytics Solutions will get your ALC Fanatic access to Automated Logic’s full line of analytics tools, including IntelliSuite Health Monitoring, EnergyReports, and Fault Detection and Diagnostics.  This powerful software combination will monitor the performance of your BAS 24/x7, to allow Facility Managers to focus their time and energies on broader building concerns.

Benefits of WebCTRL IntelliSuite & Analytics for Building Owners

  • Prevents unplanned or catastrophic downtime through early notification of system anomalies.

  • Identifies opportunities to improve system performance, increases reliability, and saves energy.

  • Helps eliminate risk and data loss through real-time, continuous monitoring and visibility into system performance.

  • Provides peace of mind knowing the system is continuously monitored – proactive notification of issues that harm building performance.

  • Automatically identifies needed driver and software updates.

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5. The OptiFlex OF1628 BACnet Building Controller

Your Automated Logic Fanatic will be thrilled to receive ALC’s flagship I/O controller, the OF1628. It’s unequalled RAM and processor speed give it the power to monitor and control large single systems or multiple pieces of HVAC equipment simultaneously, integrate 3rd party systems, perform real-time FDD, and trend enormous volumes of data.  This combination of connectivity, processing power, memory and I/O provides the horsepower needed for today’s and tomorrow’s most demanding control sequences, including ASHRAE Guideline 36.

Benefits of the OF1628 for Building Owners

  • Autobaud on Port S1/S2 = faster integration and easier scalability.

  • All communication and points software configurable.

  • QR Code efficiently provides controller data/content for setup and tech support.

  • Local 100MB port provides direct access to WebCTRL server.

  • Optional BACnet routing capability = flexibility

  • Supports (16) ActNet valves and (15) RNET combo sensors.

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