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Radius Systems provides custom designed security solutions to achieve the specific physical protection needs for your facility in Eastern Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey and Delaware.  We’ll integrate the latest access control, intrusion detection, concealed weapons detection and sound masking, video surveillance and mass notification hardware and software to your existing system or develop and install the newest technology. We can also find the vulnerable holes in your current system and a path forward to close them up. Radius can get you the highest level of protection and lower levels of worry for you and your building occupants.

Proper design of physical security systems require specialized expertise. Radius Systems will ensure that all the elements of your system operate at peak performance – giving detailed attention to video surveillance placement, angles, zoom levels, light levels, and capture rates. Ensure proper control of access to your spaces by properly selecting automatic lock type, anti-pass back, ingress/egress, fire safety analysis. Intrusion detection will keep you safe through immediate detection of break-ins, based on proper monitoring of exterior vulnerabilities and interior spaces.

Access Controls – RS2

Whether for a new installation or retrofitting other Mercury-based systems, RS2’s powerful integration platform provides a path for scalable and cost-effective security systems integration, as well as providing you a means to break away from high-cost access control platforms. RS2 Technologies has no mandatory Software Service Agreements and will provide support whenever you need it without locking your facility into expensive long term maintenance agreements.

  • Scalable Cost-Effective Security System Integration
  • No mandatory Software service agreement

Video Surveillance Solutions – Avigilon

Our video, cloud and access control solutions seamlessly integrate across your entire video security system to provide you with the right information at the right time — so you can take decisive action. Powered by advanced AI and video analytics we keep our technology simple and easy to use, letting you focus on what matters most.

  • Self learning video analytics
  • Facial and license plate recognition
  • Thermal Technology (human temperature reading)
  • Motorola Radio Integration
  • Occupancy Counting (Evolv)
  • Unusual activity detection

Intercom – Zenitel

Zenitel Intercom systems have superior audio quality, used in the most demanding environments because the ability to be heard and be understood in emergency situations is critical. Seamless integration with your access control or video systems makes it easier for your security team to work much more efficiently when faced with critical events.

  •  Industrial IP intercom
  •  Audio Presence – crystal clear audio
  • Amazing sound pressure levels when needed with automatic volume adjustment
  • Background noise cancellation
  • ONVIF Compatible
  • Dirt, dust and water resistant – rating IP66
  • Supports wide set of IP and networking standards
  • Ideal for Industrial Applications

Sound Masking – Atlas

Atlas Sound Masking Solutions provide healthcare providers with proven technology to ensure privacy for sensitive conversations within an office environment.  It provides one integrated solution for daily campus communications while also supporting your emergency preparedness plans. A sound masking system emits low-level, non-distracting masking noise designed to reduce speech intelligibility and thereby improve speech privacy. This improvement in speech privacy can be of great value in open-plan offices, doctors’ examination rooms and other environments where confidentiality is important. Sound masking can also reduce the distraction caused by traffic, office machinery and other unwanted sounds.

Asset/Infant Monitoring – Guard RFID

GuardRFID is a multi-functional, enterprise real-time locating system (RTLS) for infant protection, patient wandering, and asset protection applications. Organizations across the world choose GuardRFID for their healthcare, commercial, and industrial RTLS solutions to protect their investments and provide their employees with peace of mind. Reduce loss and theft with real-time visibility of infants, vulnerable patients, and valuable assets and gain an accurate view of the patients and equipment you have at your facilities at all times. Identify accurately, locate quickly, and protect patients and assets.

Concealed Weapons Detection – Evolv Express®

Evolv Express® is the worlds first and only touchless security screening solution that meets all of the post-pandemic security screening requirements. Evolv Express® is up to ten times faster and far more accurate than metal detectors because it uses new sensor technology and artificial intelligence, which ignores harmless personal items while providing alerts when weapons like firearms and knives are detected.

  • Free-flow weapons detection scans up to 60 people per minute
  • AI can differentiate a weapon from keys, coins, belts & cell phones
  • Eliminates the need for guards to wand or hand search visitors
  • Visitors do not need to empty pockets or bag content for visual inspection
  • Occupancy Counting

The Building Intelligence People

We excel at integrating diverse facility systems and implementing innovative energy savings strategies through our extensive expertise in facility automation.