Sophisticated AI analytics coupled with video security cameras can monitor occupancy rates, identify if people are wearing face masks, and uphold social distancing guidelines. Security solutions with Avigilon and Automated Logic’s LenelS2 OnGuard integration give building owners a proactive strategy for monitoring occupants within their facilities.  Linking this data directly to HVAC operation and schedules allows facilities to operate more efficiently.


Avigilon’s video security, cloud and access control solutions are integrated and powered by AI to provide the right information at the right time. Their COVID-19 Response Technology includes:


As businesses reopen, facilities need efficient and unobtrusive ways to screen individuals with symptoms.  Avigilon’s Thermal Elevated Temperature Detection Solution leverages AI powered video analytics to enable contactless pre-screening to detect and notify operators of elevated skin temperatures.


This feature provides organizations with an easy and streamlined way to count and identify the number of people in a facility. It aims to remove the need to count people manually and the subsequent guesswork on occupancy by frontline employees and security operators, particularly where facilities have multiple entry and exit points.


To ensure that social distancing is upheld in public places and high-density areas, analytics within Motorola Solutions’ Avigilon Control Center (ACC) video management software provides an added layer of safety. This feature monitors proximity between two or more individuals and detects violations when, and for how long, this distance falls under the recommended threshold of 6 feet or 2 meters. Reports can be run to help businesses study traffic patterns and density, identify hotspots and understand peak periods when violations occur. You can then use this data to further protect staff and customers by taking corrective action to educate employees, modify facility layouts, and eliminate high density areas.


This advanced video-based detection technology is able to accurately detect objects in the camera’s field of view, classify them as humans and determine whether the subject is not wearing a mask. Immediate notifications coupled with detailed reporting helps you stay in compliance and take corrective action where necessary.

Automated Logic

Automated Logic Corporation’s integration to LenelS2’s OnGuard® and other third-party security systems allows building managers to define occupancy zones that map badge readers to the WebCTRL® system. Building managers can set thresholds for fully occupied that will trigger control logic, enabling control sequences such as increasing ventilation or providing alarms.