Building Security, Radius Systems LLC, Chadds Ford, Building Automation

A properly designed and installed building security system will shield your facility, employees, and property/assets from theft or other physical breaches, while providing long-term reliability and uninterrupted protection.  Additionally, the cost of a strong security system can potentially be offset by a reduction of building/property insurance costs.

As a building owner, there are critical questions that can help you analyze your facility’s capabilities to handle emergencies and physical security breaches.

1. Where are your facility’s security vulnerabilities? Are all potential entry points controlled and monitored?

A security expert from Radius Systems can identify areas of weakness in your overall security infrastructure.  We offer comprehensive on-site facility “health checkup” evaluations to analyze your existing physical security components and determine corrective action required to maximize your facility security within your budget.

Building Security, Radius Systems LLC, Chadds Ford, Building Automation

2. Does your system capture video in areas where events are most likely to occur and at a resolution that will allow 100% identification of the individuals involved?

Is your video surveillance system giving you useful data about the activities in and around your facility?  Proper design of video surveillance systems requires specialized expertise in placement/location, angles, zoom levels, light levels, and capture rate.

Building Security, Radius Systems LLC, Chadds Ford, Building Automation

3. Are annual fees for software licensing or support weighing down your maintenance budget? When issues arise, are the responses prompt, knowledgeable, and efficient when addressing problems?

Proprietary systems can limit you to be 100% dependent on a single source.  Radius Systems is committed to open systems and open protocols.  We believe in providing our customers with flexibility and choice.  Our solutions have no mandatory annual license or software fees, and we use open system architecture based on Mercury hardware.  With 24×7 support – we’ll be there when you need us.

4. Are your personnel and valuable property protected with a properly designed intrusion detection system, protecting your facility from physical security breaches?

Proper response to security breaches depends completely on the location and type of devices utilized.  Radius Systems has the expertise to provide you with the appropriate level of monitoring to protect your people and valuables.  24×7 monitoring allows for immediate police notification the moment a breach is detected.

5. Does your system properly address building egress and muster reporting in the event of a fire event?

In fire or other life safety emergency, a speedy evacuation ensures the safety of your building occupants.  Properly designed lock hardware, fire code compliant interlocks, and remote mustering technology can help you account for each person in an instant when time is of the essence.

Building Security, Radius Systems LLC, Chadds Ford, Building Automation, Telaeris, muster reporting,

6. Are you making the best use of the latest technology?

Ask us about the newest developments in gunshot detection, biometrics, facial recognition, and integrated video/access.  To see how these technologies can be incorporated into your security system, visit the Contact Us page to set up a Lunch and Learn.