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K-12 Building Automation Systems that promote cognitive function

For manufacturing facilities, control requirements can be vastly different within the same complex. Facility managers have the normal challenges of maintaining comfort levels for their office environments – and significantly greater challenges within industrial spaces.  This can include significantly varying heating/cooling/humidification/dehumidification demands, monitoring and control of airborne pollutants and toxic gases, infiltration of outdoor air, and rapidly changing power demands.

Spaces such as refrigerated warehouses require precise temperature control and equipment failure alarming to ensure produce and frozen foods are kept from spoiling.  Add to this the need to operate the facility in the most energy-efficient manner possible.  All of this must be achieved while providing an occupant-safe environment in compliance with all required codes and standards.

The technical challenges of Manufacturing facilities require a sophisticated Building Automation System with the power and flexibility of Automated Logic WebCTRL.

Radius Systems has the experience to engineer Manufacturing specific control systems including:

  • Precise temperature, humidity, pressure, and CO2 control.
  • Gas detection for life safety and notification.
  • Power restoration startup sequences.
  • Active smoke management systems.
  • Emergency ventilation based on toxic gas detection.
  • Fault detection and diagnostics, analytics to provide pre-emptive equipment failure detection.
  • Utility monitoring systems, Electrical Switchgear Power Quality Systems.
  • Energy Reporting and analysis.

Manufacturing Projects Overview

Since 2006 Radius Systems has provided complex controls solutions for the Manufacturing industry in Eastern Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey, and Delaware.

BAS controls that improve cognative function

Maintaining controls for extremely different temperature & humidity requirements from industrial/warehouse spaces to office areas

We have saved customers significant Energy $$ through customized sequences, demand management, and ADR.

Germicidal UV Light Systems have an inactivation rate of 99.99% for SARS-CoV2.

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