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Healthcare facilities require 24/7/365 dependable and precise HVAC control conditions to balance patient comfort with procedure-safe indoor air quality and the best cognitive working environment possible for critical and emergency decision makers. Since each healthcare facility has different specific control requirements, Radius Systems uses its broad range of experience with all levels of medical service facilities, ranging from smaller satellite medical facilities to full service regional hospital systems.

Radius Systems has provided the following critical control services and BAS solutions for the healthcare industry:

  • Maintaining +/- air pressure in sterile OR and pathology areas and isolation rooms
  • Monitor oxygen deprivation levels in an MRI room and exhausting in emergency situations
  • Achieve the extreme variations in temperature and humidity control needed to provide comfort for patients, clinical staff, office & maintenance personnel
  • Healthy Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) systems that help to reduce airborne pathogens, inactivate bacteria & improve cognitive function
  • HEPA Filter monitoring and alarms to maintain maximum filtration of airborne particulates
  • Monitoring/Alarming for critical freezers/refrigerators for tissue samples and within blood labs
  • Integration with fire alarm systems for smoke management in fire emergencies

Radius Healthcare Projects Overview

For more than 15 years Radius Systems has successfully provided complex controls solutions for the Healthcare industry in Eastern Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey and Delaware.

Maintain positive air pressure in sterile OR and pathology areas

Maintain comfort for patient & staff

Manage temperature and humidity for varying levels of comfort

Maintian critical BAS controls for OR & Pathology

Improve IAQ and cognitive function for critical decision makers

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