Discover how our experience with providing BAS systems for the Financial Industries can solve your complex control requirements.


K-12 Building Automation Systems that promote cognitive function

Financial institutions have the HVAC challenge of keeping high security data servers and financial networking systems at proper operating temperature and humidity 24×7/365. Uninterrupted operations demand precise monitoring, control, and alarming of critical parameters by a state-of-the-art, sophisticated Building Automation System (BAS). Server density necessitates special attention to cooling requirements and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) dust/containment-free environments while also finding creative energy management strategies to reduce utility costs.

A skilled BAS integrator will reliably and accurately control the facility environment, protecting the equipment monitoring enormous volumes of financial data each day.

Your financial facility will benefit from a customized Building Automation Strategy created by Radius Systems using Automated Logic and WebCTRL:

  • Automatically Handle Fluctuations in Heating and Cooling Demands with occupant, humidity, and temperature sensors coupled with intelligent BAS sequence of operations.
  • Prevent Outages with Proactive Equipment Monitoring – Failure Detection and Diagnostics constantly monitors equipment alarm data, freeing your facility staff to quickly address persistent alarms before catastrophic failure and unplanned facility downtime.
  • Energy Reporting Identifies Opportunities for Utility Cost Savings – Understand your facility’s energy consumption demands and strategically plan projects to save energy through metering and data analytics.
  • Partner with your Local Electrical Provider to Reduce Energy Costs through Automated Demand Response and Automated Electrical Demand Management, which depends on each provider’s unique incentives if available.
  • Intelligent Outdoor Air Balancing Creates Safer IAQ while sustaining proper conditions and optimizing energy use.
  • Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS) maintains WebCTRL/Optiflex systems during power outages.
  • Focused Cooling – Cold Aisle Containment system (CAC) integration and control at server rack.

Financial Projects Overview

Since 2006 Radius Systems has successfully provided complex controls solutions for the Financial Industry in Eastern Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey and Delaware.

BAS controls that improve cognative function

Maintaining precise control of financial data server rooms

Automated Logic EnergyReports – monitoring and reporting tool to analyze energy usage

Monitor air filtration and ventilation systems to help reduce environmental pollutants

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