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Data centers have the HVAC and control challenges of keeping mission critical servers, networking hardware, and central IT operations centers at proper temperature and humidity levels 24×7/365. Data centers also need for proper Indoor Air Quality, maintaining a dust/containment-free environment and limiting the Particulate Matter (PM) buildup inside computer equipment. Additionally, leak detection and monitoring of data equipment alarms through SNMP is critical to instantly responding to mission-critical failures.

The BAS is an essential tool for achieving these requirements and maintaining the reliability and sustainability of the data processing and data storage equipment. Additionally, the BAS should manage HVAC loads to minimize utility costs through customized and creative energy management strategies.

Radius Systems utilizes the sophisticated and highly flexible Automated Logic WebCTRL platform to efficiently manage Data Center systems:

  • Energy Optimization – Utilize outside air exchange during colder months of the year to help cool computer equipment. Track and document the effectiveness of Data Center expelled heat recapturing systems. Utilize Automated Logic EnergyReports monitoring and reporting tool to analyze energy usage and provide real time and historical feedback.
  • Mitigate Outages – Proactive equipment maintenance trends and alarm systems to alert maintenance staff of minor problems prior to HVAC failure. Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS) to maintain WebCTRL systems during power outages.
  • Indoor Air Quality – Monitor air filtration and ventilation systems and environmental pollutants.
  • Focused Cooling – Cold Aisle Containment system (CAC) integration and control at server rack.
  • Central Chilled Water Plant Optimization – Including economizer/free cooling cycles.

Radius Data Center Projects Overview

Since 2006 Radius Systems has successfully provided complex controls solutions for Data Centers in Eastern Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey and Delaware.

BAS controls that improve cognative function

Maintaining precise control of Data Center Server Rooms

Automated Logic EnergyReports – monitoring and reporting tool to analyze energy usage

Monitor air filtration and ventilation systems to help reduce environmental pollutants

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