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Discover how our experience with providing BAS systems for Commercial Office buildings can solve your complex control requirements.

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K-12 Building Automation Systems that promote cognitive function

Commercial Office facility managers are tasked with providing office spaces where tenants have a healthy, safe, and comfortable work environment at the lowest possible cost of utilities, and consumption of energy. More and more commercial office cliental are seeking rental space that provides maximum comfort without compromising longterm energy sustainability and have “green” building conservation initiatives in place. Building owners that are able to achieve this balance have a competitive edge making their complex more attractive in the commercial real estate arena.

Building owners who can achieve this balance have a competitive edge, making their complex more attractive in the commercial real estate arena.

Radius Systems is READY to partner with building owners to design a comprehensive building automation strategy that prioritizes what matters most to them and their building occupants.

Radius Systems supports commercial office facility managers by bringing intelligent building management systems that deliver efficiency and reliability:

  • Prevent Outages with Proactive Equipment Monitoring – Failure Detection and Diagnostics constantly monitors equipment alarm data, freeing your facility staff to quickly address persistent alarms before catastrophic failure and unplanned facility downtime.
  • Energy Reporting Identifies Opportunities for Utility Cost Savings – Understand your facility’s energy consumption demands and strategically plan projects to save energy through metering and data analytics.
  • Partner with your Local Electrical Provider to Reduce Energy Costs through Automated Demand Response and Automated Electrical Demand Management, which depends on each provider’s unique incentives if available.
  • Create Safe Indoor Air Quality with CO2 sensors that automatically adjust fresh air balancing with system parameters. Incorporate UV light systems and/or Bipolar Ionization to reduce air-borne pathogens and contaminants.
  • Automatically Manage Occupant Comfort by programming intelligent BAS controllers that accurately maintain temperature and humidity based on real-time sensor data. Fluctuations of heating and cooling demands with seasonal weather swings can be incorporated into the BAS sequence of operations, giving you a building that proactively adjusts as needed.

Radius Commercial Office Projects Overview

For more than 15 years, Radius Systems has successfully provided complex controls solutions for Commercial Office Complexes in Eastern Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey and Delaware.

BAS controls that improve cognative function

Provide a comfortable safe working environment for commercial office tenants

Automated Logic EnergyReports – a monitoring and reporting tool to analyze energy usage

Monitor air filtration and ventilation systems to help reduce environmental pollutants

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