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Lighting Systems

Our outlook is dimmable!

Radius Systems provides innovative lighting control solutions that can activate, brighten or DIM your lighting automatically according to the individual needs of each space. We engineer, design and develop customized lighting solution that will maximize energy efficiency and occupant productivity. This is accomplished through wireless and wired lighting controls, which adjust brightness in response to occupancy or daylight level based sensor data. Overall facility energy efficiency can be maximized by integrating to an enterprise facility automation system.

Our scalable wireless self-powered battery-free lighting controls systems eliminates costly hardwiring installation and greatly reduces cost of implementation and maintenance. Our wireless systems offer sensor location flexibility and can be easily be relocated as needed. We additionally offer wired large area lighting solutions for performing zone-based lighting control.

Our lighting systems can fully integrate with our Automated Logic building automation systems or operate as a standalone system. We can additionally integrate with any 3rd party facility control system via ASHRAE Standard 135 BACnet IP. Our lighting systems include Indoor and outdoor lighting controls, daylight harvesting/dimming, fixture level control with factory embedded controls at each fixture, zone-based control, and customized lighting scenes.

Radius is looking to dim your lights to match your occupant needs while brightening your bottom line with energy savings, lower utility cost and improved occupant productivity.

The Building Intelligence People

We excel at integrating diverse facility systems and implementing innovative energy savings strategies through our extensive expertise in facility automation.