Does your facility struggle with increasing maintenance costs and persistent issues due to an aging Legacy BAS?


Building Automation Systems, like any technology-based systems, become obsolete and will atrophy over time.  As control vendors move to newer products, specific product knowledge on the older BAS system is often lost, leading to escalating labor repair costs. As parts for the legacy BAS system becoming unavailable or extremely expensive, facility managers and building owners are held hostage to soaring energy and maintenance costs, comfort issues, frequent breakdowns, and frustration trying to find qualified controls support.

These are the most frequent PROBLEMS we see in facilities struggling with legacy BAS systems.

  • High energy cost.
  • Frequent system breakdowns leading to high maintenance costs.
  • High cost/limited availability of old, obsolete DDC/BAS controllers.
  • Proprietary Hardware/Software which is not compatible with new systems.
  • Single sourced parts are hard to come by and expensive.
  • Technical knowledge of older legacy products gets lost over time as BAS manufacturers move to newer platforms
  • HVAC equipment damaged due to poor control.
  • Occupant discomfort and complaints leading to poor workforce productivity.
  • Technicians unfamiliar with older systems spend time learning your system at your expense.
  • Slow service response.
  • Poor user interface and lack of data to operate your building.

Achieve Legacy System FREEDOM

Radius Systems will provide a path to break free from captivity to old worn out technology and high costs. We will transform your old, energy gobbling, and uncomfortable building into a lean, GREEN,  occupant friendly, and energy efficient facility.

The Radius SOLUTION:

  • Convert wasted energy and maintenance dollars towards an upgraded system.
  • Utilize state-of-the-art BACnet open source platforms & Ashrae135 Standards.
  • Squeeze every last bit of useful life from your legacy system, while providing a path to the latest technology.
  • Evaluate building energy efficiency to develop a cost reduction solution, including application of potential utility/government incentives.
  • Rapid solution implementation and on-going service of existing system while transitioning to new.

Automated Logic’s BACnet- based open protocol BAS platform can communicate to a multitude of vendors.

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