Building Automation Systems have evolved over the past 20 years to be the central monitoring control platform and data aggregator for facilities.  Owners today demand central BAS software that has the innate capability to integrate a variety of building systems, while providing freedom of choice for selecting BAS vendors.  This provides owners with an all-encompassing tool to efficiently manage their facility.

Since 2001, Automated Logic has led the BAS industry in adopting the ASHRAE 135 BACnet standard, developing 3rd party drivers, and providing the most user-friendly graphical interface in the BAS industry.  Automated Logic WebCTRL Advanced Operator Workstation (B-AWS) provides the ideal open solution, via BACnet and WebCTRL’s open API, to efficiently meet the most demanding enterprise integration applications.

Put Automated Logic’s WebCTRL Enterprise Platform to work for you:

  • Take advantage of the open API, BACnet, Modbus, LON, and other common BAS protocols to achieve flexibility in system choice.
  • Aggregate building data via centralized monitoring of a variety of building systems through a single graphical user interface
  • Achieve Legacy System freedom through integration of obsolete systems, while having a clear path forward to integrate state of the art BAS and other facility systems.
  • Utilize the power of BACnet certified communication and open API to gather data from any and all computer-based systems such as:
    • – HVAC equipment
    • – Variable Speed Drives
    • – Fire Alarm Systems
    • – Security Systems
    • – Building Utility Meters/Submeters
    • – BTU meters
    • – Gas detection Systems
    • – VRF Systems
  • Utilize the power of WebCTRL to collect and analyze trend data, automatically perform Fault Detection and Diagnostics/Analytics, and provide proactive notification of problems and solutions.
  • Receive proactive notification of building trouble BEFORE major failures or equipment damage occurs.

The Radius SOLUTION:

  • New or renovated facility
  • Up-front engineering support to assist in developing and specifying integration requirements
  • Review ALL specified systems to ensure the correct and necessary specification language and interfaces are detailed to facilitate seamless integration.
  • Existing facility retrofit
  • Comprehensive survey of existing BAS and other building systems to develop means and methods for integration of existing systems
  • Recommend and specify needed updates for obsolete systems, while squeezing every last bit of useful life from your legacy system(s) and provide a path to the latest technology, integration, and monitoring
  • Evaluate energy savings opportunities
  • Develop energy conservation measures
  • Develop and design the pathway to long-term updates, ensuring system reliability and technological advancement.

Automated Logic’s BACnet- based open protocol BAS platform can communicate to a multitude of vendors and system types:

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