A cohesive energy management strategy yields long-term cost savings.
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Radius Systems Energy Reporting and Analytics software provides building owners with a comprehensive set of data-driven tools to reduce energy costs by harnessing the combination of Automated Logic’s EnergyReports software, granular energy metering, and Automated Demand Response.

Automated Logic’s EnergyReports suite of products improves the operational, environmental, and financial performance of buildings by efficiently and effectively putting building energy data to work for you. We provide cloud-based dashboarding of your energy demand and consumption, providing you with on-demand 24×7 available tools for monitoring and analyzing energy usage through Energy Reports Dashboards, Analytics, and Eco-Screen.

  • See your entire building portfolio data on one platform, by site
  • Leverage real-time energy monitoring to improve facility scheduling and lower kW demand
  • Avoid unnecessary peak demand charges
  • Simplify compliance and M&V reporting
  • Showcase your building performance to visitors and occupants
  • Analyze and report on utility bill cost components

EnergyReports specifically leverages real-time energy monitoring to:

  • Visualize building schedules to understand and optimize performance.
  • Prioritize efforts on the biggest outliers. Find the biggest consumers and peak demand charge contributors.
  • Receive notifications when demand or consumption exceeds a threshold. Avoid leaks and peak demand charges.

Below, is an example of EnergyReports simple yet powerful data visualization tools to view hourly/daily energy use, providing immediate and effective feedback allowing building schedule issues to swiftly be addressed and generate immediate cost savings.

Visualize an entire year’s worth of interval data on a single page, including the ability to compare to baseline or last years’ data, to rapidly identify patterns of usage and pinpoint opportunities to lower building energy usage.

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Additional Energy Savings Are Achieved Through
WebCTRL’s Automated Response Add-On

The WebCTRL system Automated Demand Response add-on is a software application that allows buildings using the Automated Logic® WebCTRL system to communicate directly with utility companies. WebCTRL fully supports the OpenADR 2.0a and 2.0b with the WebCTRL Automated Demand Response Add-on and enables the WebCTRL system to participate as a virtual end node (VEN) in various utilities’ Automated Demand Response (ADR) programs.

Demand-Response actions are prioritized and programmed into the software’s control logic. The WebCTRL system Automated Demand Response add-on converts the raw OpenADR signals into information which the software can use to implement the required demand reduction.

Key Points:

  • ADR allows electric utilities and grid managers to immediately respond to short-term increases in kW demand when the overall delivery system is near peak capacity. This has the significant side benefit of allowing utilities to work within their existing generating capacity, avoiding the need to build expensive new power generation plants or imposing rolling brownouts or blackouts.
  • ADR allows utility consumers to receive significant rebates from the utility, through either pre‐planned or on-demand reductions in energy consumption for short periods of time.
  • Allows electric grid managers such as PJM to use customers’ load as a resource to balance the electric grid.
  • Can be either discretionary in response to a temporary decrease in pricing, or automatic as part of an existing arrangement between the customer and the utility, or both (with opt‐out under non‐emergency conditions).
  • Facilitates fast responses that translate into greater energy savings and more options for combining energy resources, which helps keep prices lower for everyone.
  • Provides pricing continuity between wholesale (generation and transmission) and retail (distribution) markets.

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