Do you have a procedure in place to ensure all doors in your facility lock properly?

Propped doors are a significant threat to facilities for several reasons. Propping open doors compromises the security of the building and compromises the safety of the occupants. When doors are propped open, unauthorized persons can easily gain access to the building, and potential intruders or individuals with malicious intent can bypass existing access control and video solutions. In the event of a fire or other emergency, propped or impaired doors can impede the evacuation process by blocking escape routes and hampering the efforts of emergency responders. There are also building, fire, and life safety code violations to consider.

Radius Systems tests, inspects, and offers preventative maintenance with a holistic approach to your facilities’ security. We test every electronic and mechanical door components as per design documents and manufacturer’s requirements.

We also conduct visual assessments of all direct and indirect components of a security system. Following tests and inspections, we provide regularly scheduled maintenance activities to help prevent unexpected failures. We understand that security and safety are critical components of your facilities’ functioning, and we aim to provide a proactive approach to security system maintenance, rather than a reactive one.

With the increased risks, lawsuits, and media attention, do you have a procedure in place to ensure all doors lock properly? A proactive approach increases security and safety while reducing unplanned downtime. It also extends the life cycle of equipment and reduces the number of service calls required, thereby saving you money in the long run. Similar to fire and life safety systems, a documented, test, inspection, and preventive maintenance report with procedures preformed by a factory certified technician minimizes liabilities if the security system fails or an incident occurs.

Trust Radius Systems with the safety and security of your occupants and premises.

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