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Integration Possibilities in BAS

2023-08-09T17:45:32+00:00Automated Logic, BAS, Building Automation, News|

Buildings have historically functioned with a multitude of systems and software, which have operated independently from one another. This landscape of disparate systems is becoming a thing of the past, as Building Automation Systems are now capable of integrating multiple building systems, and creative facility managers are asking: What systems can be brought

Radius Systems Roadshow 2023

2023-08-18T20:19:17+00:00Automated Logic, BAS, Building Automation, News|

With three stops across Pennsylvania and Delaware, Radius Systems is bringing leading-edge Building Automation and Security education directly to you. Radius Systems will present on a variety of topics to provide detailed knowledge of the latest building automation and security systems technology and a view into the future of these industries, including analytics

Door Test, Inspection, and Preventive Maintenance

2023-05-09T21:27:28+00:00Building Integration, Buildings, Grants, K-12 Schools, News, Schools, Security|

Propped doors are a significant threat to facilities for several reasons. Propping open doors compromises the security of the building and compromises the safety of the occupants. When doors are propped open, unauthorized persons can easily gain access to the building, and potential intruders or individuals with malicious intent can bypass existing access

Automated Logic OptiFlex Advanced VAV Controllers

2023-02-09T20:06:10+00:00Automated Logic, BAS, Building Automation, News|

Automated Logic continues to expand the OptiFlex line of digital building controllers, giving facilities increased flexibility in control options and configurations. The new OptiFlex VAV controllers, models OF342 and OF141, are ideal for zone-level temperature and air quality control applications. Designed to operate in a wide range of environmental conditions, the new controllers are

Top Gifts for the ALC Fanatic

2020-12-15T08:09:31+00:00Automated Logic, BAS, Building Automation, News|

Having trouble shopping for your Automated Logic Fanatic this holiday season? This month, we share our Top 5 Holiday Gifts for the ALC Fan: 1. WebCTRL System v8 WebCTRL System v8 includes a number of security enhancements and labor saving and convenience features. Automated Logic continues to heighten its status as the most user-friendly

2018 New Product Showcase Event

2019-06-26T17:02:19+00:00Architecture, Buildings, Construction, News|

Radius Systems  - 2018 New Product Showcase Every year, we look forward to good food, good wine, and good company at our Annual New Product Showcase. Held at one of the oldest and most acclaimed wineries in Pennsylvania, the Chaddsford Winery, we transformed the space into a hands-on demonstration of the most innovative and

New Partnership with Intesis

2020-02-19T18:37:28+00:00Architecture, Buildings, Construction, News|

Radius Systems  - Partners with IntesisRadius Systems is pleased to announce the addition of IntesisBox to our product portfolio.  As a premium distributor, we will provide access to the Intesis solution set for the integration of a wide array of facility systems to your building automation system.  The intesis box is manufacturer agnostic – meaning

2017 Product Showcase Event


2017 Product Showcase Event At Radius Systems, we consistently evaluate new technology in order to provide our customers with the most innovative and current products available.  This year, we unveiled our most recent additions to our product line at our first annual Product Showcase Event held at Chaddsford Winery. Amongst passed hors d’oeuvres and

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