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Evaluating RFID vs. Wi-Fi Based Infant Monitoring Solutions

2024-05-31T19:57:30+00:00Building Integration, Buildings, Client Benefits, News, Security|

As the healthcare technology landscape continues to advance, it is paramount that hospitals vet new and emerging technologies with a critical eye. Asking pertinent questions up front can facilitate conversations on real-life applications and results of proposed new technology. RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) infant monitoring systems remain a bedrock of infant care in hospitals, due

Door Test, Inspection, and Preventive Maintenance

2023-05-09T21:27:28+00:00Building Integration, Buildings, Grants, K-12 Schools, News, Schools, Security|

Propped doors are a significant threat to facilities for several reasons. Propping open doors compromises the security of the building and compromises the safety of the occupants. When doors are propped open, unauthorized persons can easily gain access to the building, and potential intruders or individuals with malicious intent can bypass existing access

Radius Systems Technology Expo – Save the Date

2022-06-17T17:17:22+00:00Automated Logic, BAS, Building Automation, Buildings|

Join us for the Radius Systems Technology Expo on September 27th, 2022 at Citizens Bank Park, Philadelphia for an educational afternoon covering Building Automation, Security, and Lighting control. Breakout sessions include CEU credits and live vendor demonstrations. There will also be a tour of the ballpark, lunch, and happy hour provided to all attendees.

2022 Automated Logic North American Field Office of the Year

2023-01-24T18:18:33+00:00Automated Logic, BAS, Building Automation, Buildings|

We are proud, excited, and humbled to announce that Radius Systems has been named the 2021 Automated Logic North American Field Office of the Year and to be considered the best Automated Logic dealer in North America. This award is a reflection of our overall performance and growth as a dealer, how well we

Legacy Building Management Systems

2022-04-08T16:29:29+00:00Automated Logic, BAS, Building Automation, Buildings|

Building owners can find themselves trapped with an older building management system (BMS) that is: Obsolete Built on proprietary communication protocols Can no longer be serviced due to lack of knowledge by the BMS supplier or unavailability of parts How do we escape this?  A quick history lesson provides perspective.


2022-02-22T19:22:25+00:00Automated Logic, Buildings, Client Benefits, Higher Education, K-12 Schools, Lighting, Schools, Security|

Our EXPERTISE extends beyond Building Automation. Our expert and highly responsive staff have the knowledge and experience to help you transition away from ineffective security providers or high cost legacy systems, to support you through the lifespan of your facility security systems. Here are 6 critical factors in choosing a partner

How to Integrate and Communicate to a VRF System

2019-11-14T14:23:31+00:00Automated Logic, BAS, Building Automation, Building Integration, Buildings, IntesisBox, VRF|

A major challenge in Building Automation today is establishing seamless integration to VRF systems, providing building owners with visibility to the individual indoor units and outdoor condensing units. Benefits of better visibility: Equipment can be properly monitored. Critical alarms can be received and addressed quickly and efficiently. Room conditions can be

PA School Safety & Security Grant Program

2020-02-19T18:34:16+00:00BAS, Building Automation, Buildings, Grants, Higher Education, K-12 Schools, Lighting, PASBO, Schools, Security, Uncategorized|

Two separate funding announcements for the School Safety and Security Grant Program funding were released on September 9, 2019, with an application deadline of November 4, 2019. Program Details: PA School Safety and Security Grant Program Information For assistance with the application process and general grant administration, see: Grant Guides Frequently Asked Questions:  FAQ To access

Protecting Your Building from Physical Security Breaches

2020-02-19T18:36:23+00:00Buildings, Marketing|

A properly designed and installed building security system will shield your facility, employees, and property/assets from theft or other physical breaches, while providing long-term reliability and uninterrupted protection.  Additionally, the cost of a strong security system can potentially be offset by a reduction of building/property insurance costs. As a building owner, there are critical

2018 New Product Showcase Event

2019-06-26T17:02:19+00:00Architecture, Buildings, Construction, News|

Radius Systems  - 2018 New Product Showcase Every year, we look forward to good food, good wine, and good company at our Annual New Product Showcase. Held at one of the oldest and most acclaimed wineries in Pennsylvania, the Chaddsford Winery, we transformed the space into a hands-on demonstration of the most innovative and

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