Do you have an upcoming Building Automation, Security,
or Lighting Controls project?  We can help.

Take Control of Your Facility

Radius Systems has decades of hands-on experience, HVAC knowledge and creative problem solving experience to engineer and adapt your older existing system or to specify the newest, most BAS-compatible equipment for your facility.  Initially, we’ll take control of your controls with the goal of seamlessly integrating your HVAC equipment with Automated Logic controls and WebCTRL software. Once we have your system firing on all cylinders, we’ll fully train YOU to “take control of your controls.”

We’re eager to solve even the most complex HVAC control demands! Challenges of critical temperature, humidity or room pressure controls drives our engineering team to develop and implement the BEST control solution!

Even legacy systems problems are NO PROBLEM for Radius Systems. If you’re tired of frequent system breakdowns, high maintenance costs, high utility bills and occupant discomfort due to outdated technology, Radius has the solution. We can interface with numerous 3rd party platforms to squeeze every last bit of useful life from your legacy system, while providing a path forward to the latest technology.

Whatever your HVAC control requirements, lighting or security challenges Radius can help!

SMART building advantages.

Radius Systems technical know-how combined with the power of our custom-designed yet affordable Enterprise Automation Systems offers the opportunity to transform your facility into an intelligent, responsive, energy-SMART building! With Automated Logic equipment at the core of our Enterprise BIoT Automation Systems we can give you agile and responsive control of your HVAC, Lighting and Security with powerful analytics and automated fault detection/reporting, sophisticated and highly effective energy optimization routines, and diagnostics tools that will allow you to make SMART decisions that will save energy and maximize occupant comfort and save you time.

Automated Logic WebCTRL is at the heart of the enterprise systems technology that offers operational freedom, flexibility and ease of use. WebCTRL is an intuitive and graphically rich platform, providing point and click access over the internet from virtually any web-enabled device. From dynamic thermographic floor plans designed to translate temperature to color, to time -lapse views of system performance, the sophisticated yet simple tools built into WebCTRL enable efficient scanning of building performance, and rapid and precise corrective action for building issues.

WebCTRL’s dynamic animation and rich, high definition graphic controls are easy to use and allow all system users, even the most novice, to view and access building temperature conditions. Setpoints and schedules can be adjusted with graphical tools that are simple and intuitive, yet provide a high degree of individual control. WebCTRL v8 offers Scaleable Vector Graphics that simplify GUI with Summary Floorplans that allow you to zoom into floors from a single graphic while maintaining high resolution when scaling to larger monitors. Also Haystack-compatible semantic tagging which allows for custom reports and graphics of critical parameters and energy consumption to be generated and automated, saving time and energy in data mining and analysis.

Construct your system to match your needs and budget with WebCTRL’s highly flexible ala carte add on pricing. Additional features include:

  • EnergyReports software enhancement
  • Automated weekly/hour weather updates
  • Advanced reporting and alarming
  • FDD reporting/dashboards
  • LDAP
  • MS Exchange integration
  • Scaleable Vector Graphics (WebCTRL v8)
  • Haystack-Compatible Semantic Tagging (WebCTRL v8)
  • And more…..

These add-ons allow unmatched state-of-the-art capabilities such as:

  • Energy analysis
  • Billing reconciliation
  • FDD analysis
  • Automated report generation
  • Active directory
  • Predictive control

Radius Systems will help you implement these powerful tools to infuse your facility with HVAC, Security and lighting intelligent Automated Controls.

The Building Intelligence People

We excel at integrating diverse facility systems and implementing innovative energy savings strategies through our extensive expertise in facility automation.