Do you have an upcoming Building Automation, Security,
or Lighting Controls project?  We can help.

Take Control of Your Facility

Radius Systems has decades of hands-on experience, HVAC knowledge and creative problem solving experience to engineer and adapt your older existing system or to specify the newest, most BAS-compatible equipment for your facility.  Initially, we’ll take control of your controls with the goal of seamlessly integrating your HVAC equipment with Automated Logic controls and WebCTRL software. Once we have your system firing on all cylinders, we’ll fully train YOU to “take control of your controls.”

We’re eager to solve even the most complex HVAC control demands! Challenges of critical temperature, humidity or room pressure controls drives our engineering team to develop and implement the BEST control solution!

Even legacy systems problems are NO PROBLEM for Radius Systems. If you’re tired of frequent system breakdowns, high maintenance costs, high utility bills and occupant discomfort due to outdated technology, Radius has the solution. We can interface with numerous 3rd party platforms to squeeze every last bit of useful life from your legacy system, while providing a path forward to the latest technology.

Whatever your HVAC control requirements, lighting or security challenges Radius can help!

The Building Intelligence People

We excel at integrating diverse facility systems and implementing innovative energy savings strategies through our extensive expertise in facility automation.