Lighting Control Systems

Lighting loads consume 25-35% of total energy consumption in commercial buildings and 46% of total electrical consumption. Managing this load through an automated control system has a significant impact on energy use, and implementation of advanced lighting technologies can cut electricity use by more than 50%. Radius Systems offers two solutions for lighting control.

Automated Logic Lighting Control

Automated Logic LC controllers reside on the same BACnet network as HVAC controllers; utilize the same programming tools for seamless system integration and implementation of energy savings strategies including:

  • Scheduled on/off zone control
  • Occupancy sensing to disable HVAC equipment and turn off lights
  • Daylight harvesting

Daintree Networks

Daintree Networks is a market-leading innovator in next-generation commercial and industrial building automation. Daintree provides the industry’s leading wireless control solution for smart buildings, delivering dramatic energy and operational savings as well as occupant-friendly work environments, all in a simpler, more cost-effective way than ever before.

Daintree Networks offers the industry’s most intelligent, comprehensive and cost-effective solution for taking control over building energy use. Deployed in Fortune 500 facilities across North America, our award-winning ControlScope™ wireless control solution delivers:

  • Year-to-year energy savings for commercial buildings driven by full range of open devices, including motion sensing, photocells, and dimming.
  • Full-featured wireless lighting controls based on Zigbee wireless technology, at a fraction of the cost and complexity of wired systems
  • Zone or individual fixture control, providing the most granular lighting control available today
  • BACnet IP integration to allow enterprise-wide energy management strategies

ControlScope solves some of the controls industry’s toughest problems by eliminating wiring and using open standards—which allows broader and more granular control, reduces costs, simplifies commissioning, and extends the benefits of control to retrofits and other new markets.

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