HVAC and Lighting consume approximately 70% of the energy used in commercial buildings. Building Automation Systems (BAS) play the central role in managing these energy loads, and therefore have the greatest impact on energy use and occupant comfort. Improperly operating BAS, HVAC, and lighting systems result in energy waste and occupancy discomfort/complaints. This degradation of system performance leads to increased utility costs, taking an ever larger bite out of your operating budget.

Periodic evaluation and analysis of your Building Automation System, lighting controls, and HVAC is essential to sustaining the proper energy and comfort performance of these systems. We offer a variety of fixed cost services aimed at significantly improving your building energy efficiency and lowering operational costs. We provide the following technical expertise and support services to ensure optimized building performance:

  • Retro-Commissioning/evaluation of the performance of your existing Building Automation, Lighting Control, and HVAC Systems.
  • Fault Detection and Diagnostics – Perform BAS data analytics to determine effectiveness and accuracy of control of current system.
  • Utility cost analysis, and recommendations for changing current buying methods.
  • ASHRAE Level 2 audits.
  • ECM development and payback analysis.
  • Automated demand curtailment/demand response software development and implementation.
  • Energy metering/monitoring/analytical solutions to allow you to track, trend, log, and analyze energy usage in real time.
  • Automated Logic EnergyReports energy monitoring, analysis, and reporting tool.
  • Automated Logic EcoScreen Energy Dashboard/Kiosk for public display of energy data.