Case Study – Southern Chester County University School of Music


This University’s School of Music Performing Arts Center is a state-of-the-art facility that is the centerpiece of the College of Performing Arts. The facility was opened in late 2006 and designed around LEED concepts and principals. The building consists of central chilled water and heating hot water equipment feeding built-up air handling units throughout the facility. Terminal equipment includes VAV boxes with reheat and perimeter fintube radiation. Unfortunately, energy use in the facility was considerably higher than expected and critical humidity parameters were not consistently maintained during the winter months. Radius Systems initially performed a study of building humidification equipment and controls, to determine the source of low winter humidity levels in the building. The study determined that the source of the low humidity conditions were a combination of humidifier equipment malfunctions and control issues.

As a result, in February 2011 Radius Systems was awarded a contract to replace the existing control system with an Automated Logic WebCTRL System which is utilized throughout this University’s campus. The implementation of the system resulted in a 20% drop in electrical energy use in the facility.