Case Study – Southern Chester County University


This University Building was opened in 1927 and houses the University’s Concert Hall, along with the office of the President, conference rooms, administrative offices and Library.

The mechanical equipment was retrofitted with Andover BACnet controls in 2008 to upgrade the control of the existing air handling units, hot water system, chilled water system and duct mounted reheat coils.

Unfortunately the energy and comfort performance of the building was less than desirable after the system upgrade. The University first asked Radius Systems to integrate the existing Andover system to provide visibility and monitoring through the existing WebCTRL system. Subsequently, the University asked Radius Systems to modify the existing Andover programming to improve energy performance in 2012. Ultimately, the decision was made the replace the Andover controls in May of 2013 and was completed in August of 2013 with impressive results.

diagramBaseline energy consumption during 2011 was 668,207 kWh and was reduced in 2012 through programming modifications to 598,381 kWh. The retrofit to Automated Logic in late 2013 further reduced 2013 totals to 556,947 kWh. Graphs and data from EnergyReports shown to the left and below further detail these improvements. Comparing late 2012 to late 2013 shows a 21% energy reduction directly correlating to the retorfit of the control system.