Case Study – Philadelphia Energy Innovation Project


This facility, built in 1911, was an original U.S. Marine Corp Barracks. In 2010, the Energy Efficient Buildings (EEB) Hub funded by the U.S. Department of Energy took occupancy of 2 floors and began studying the facility. The overall mission was to reduce the energy use in small-to-medium commercial buildings in the Philadelphia Metro Region by 50% through a combination of multiple ECMs. After taking occupancy, a SCADA system was installed to monitor building environmental factors, including temperature, humidity, CO2, emissivity, air handler and boiler performance, and electrical usage. After collecting data for approximately one year, it was concluded that the existing control system was not performing up to expectations from either a comfort or energy efficiency standpoint, and that a project would be developed to replace the control system to determine the impact of this on comfort and energy consumption.

In the fall of 2011, Radius Systems was contracted to install an Automated Logic WebCTRL HVAC and Lighting control system in the facility. The system included control of 37 VAV boxes, 3 air handlers with hot water and DX coils, a hot water system including 2 pumps and 2 boilers, and lighting throughout the facility.

The Results: The facility has seen a 30% reduction in annual energy usage (equal to approximately $51,000 annually), while at the same time increasing building occupancy from 60% usage before the Automated Logic System was installed to 90% after the system was installed.